Reeses 9 week update

Here is Reeses 9 week update! Shes 3 lbs 2 oz. She learning how she needs to go potty outside and not inside. She is getting better with car rides, and love giving kisses to everyone.

Puppy Update: 7 Weeks old

So puppies are now 7 weeks old!!!!! CRAZY RIGHT!? Like where has the time gone! Anyways… Happy Fourth of July! I wanted to do something special for this round since they did turn seven weeks on the 4th and add some color.

Have a safe holiday, and please enjoy this cuteness!!

All the best,

Puppy Update: Three weeks old!

Puppy Update: Three weeks old! WOW

Puppies are three weeks old today! Their eyes opened last week, the fourth pup likes to wine and crawl out of the pool, Reese’s is huge, and well their just getting cuter and cuter by the day.

Puppies are a week old!

Yes… they are already a week old. Crazy right?!

I wanted to get a few quick shots of them before they open their eyes in the coming week.

Check them out, and definitely stay tuned in the next few weeks to see more of these cute little turds!

A mini photoshoot with Kahlua!


This gallery contains 7 photos.

Miss Kahlua was super excited when I got home from work, so I pulled out my camera went outside and shot some photos. I added a little matte finish to it. Enjoy

Beautiful Sunny Day!

Today was such a beautiful day. I had school but then started to feel really sick and dizzy, so I decided to head home. It wasn’t until I got home that I started to feel a little bit better. I decided to take miss Nikita (husky) out for a walk around the block to continue her leash training. She’s only got to work on when she see’s another dog to listen… silly girl. After the walk I wanted to get photos of the dogs since it was so nice out. Here is what I got!

Please enjoy these adorable photos: woof!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageIMG_0426Image IMG_0446Image

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Always, Chelsea

Snow Day: With the Dogs

On Feb. 7th we got hit with a snow storm for two days. Got about 5-8 inches all together. (in Portland) and well on Friday I was hoping to get photos of the pups out in the front yard of them in it. So I got up early… about 8 o’clock on Saturday and took photos of the doggers. Mocha, one of the Pomeranians was soo excited to play in the snow. She was bouncing and rolling in it. Kalhua, the smaller younger Pom didnt like it so much as it was cold, but she toughed out and we got some good shots. Then Bella thought it was fun to just run around the yard. It was so much fun seeing them play in the snow. Nikita well shes a husky and loves the snow already so she was bouncing in it as well. I got some great¬†face shots, and in most of them you can see the reflection in their eyes, of which I love.

Please feel free to comment and enjoy looking at the photos! Click a photo to view larger.

Editorial Photography: Puppy Adorableness!

It’s the end of the term and its finals week coming up! So with that in mind, I wanted to show you all my final Editorial Photography class final.

Recommended by my teacher, she suggested that I try and make a cover of one of the pet related Magazines. I took her suggestion and went with it.  Below is went I come up with, and absolutely love it!


I hope you enjoyed this post. Stay turned to always see more.

Photos all taken with natural light and in a home.