Environmental Portraits with Snickers and Kahlua

This photo shoot was for my Location Photography class this term. We had to use some type of non natural light. Using a flash with a soft light box on it. This was a new flash to me that arrived today. Here are the photos that I got that were the best.


Snickers: My Funny Boy!

I had an opportunity during the sunset to take some quick photos this evening. The sunlight was coming through the window just perfectly. Here are a few photos, with some similar because they’re to cute not to post. enjoy

Fences for Fido: The Unchaining of AJ and Albert

As you might have seen in March, I photographed my first build with Fences for Fido. They Built a fence for our husky Nikita. Well recently just after that I decided to become a volunteer for them and to give back to my community and help this amazing non profit organization out. My first actually build as a volunteer that I photographed was the unchaining of AJ and Albert; two pit bulls that are son and father. It was a great experience and to do something for others. Here are photos of that day. There will soon be a video as well.

Also attached is a video I did of the shoot for another class project. Enjoy


Be sure to like Fences for Fido on facebook! :https://www.facebook.com/FencesForFido and go to their website at http://www.fencesforfido.org

There will be plenty of FFF builds to come!


Makoa: A Doberman


This gallery contains 4 photos.

Makoa was one of the puppies from our last litter of Dobermans. He is now a year old. He has been staying with us for the past month as were dog sitting him for his owner. Here are a few … Continue reading

Stratus, Cirrus, and Mazuki!

So my lovely boyfriend Jordon has these two crazy kitties named Stratus and Cirrus(the cloud form) and his roommate has Mazuki the Chihuahua! We had a beautiful sunny day the other day and took advantage of the weather and the natural light that was coming through the window.

Click on a photo to view bigger. Thanks for viewing.

New Business Cards

I have been interested in getting new business cards considering it has been a year and a half since I ordered my last ones. So I heard a few friends had ordered their cards through Moo.com. I checked it out and fell in love. So I got some photos together and BAM! Below are photos that I took with my phone. ImageImage

New Term

Hello Followers!


Hope your all having a great start to the new year so far. I am. 🙂 Yesterday I started my winter term and man, its already intense and a lot of information to know. But there is also going to be a lot of new things coming. I will hopefully be getting my website up and hopefully running, of which it will be my blog. Along with some new photos.


I hope you all look forward to what I will be bringing to the table this term.