A little bit of white….Like a bunny!

This is Dante. (Don-Teh)  He is a six month old white German Shepard who is my friends nephews dog who is visiting. There are a few of Bear, the black German Shepard we’re dog sitting currently. It is cool having a black and a white German Shepard in our back yard together.

With Dante being white, he got dirty, so he got a bath. I was able to get some cute shots of him with the towel.

Please enjoy. Share if you would like. Happy Easter!!! 🙂

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Snickers: My Funny Boy!

I had an opportunity during the sunset to take some quick photos this evening. The sunlight was coming through the window just perfectly. Here are a few photos, with some similar because they’re to cute not to post. enjoy

Makoa: A Doberman


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Makoa was one of the puppies from our last litter of Dobermans. He is now a year old. He has been staying with us for the past month as were dog sitting him for his owner. Here are a few … Continue reading

Business Photo Shoot: Furever Pets

Just minutes away from downtown Portland, Oregon is an independently owned pet supply and boutique store. Furever Pets carries premium pet foods, natural treats, collars, crates, fun toys and much more. Furever Pets will be celebrating their 10th  year of business in February 2014.

When I went into the store I was floored by the way the store looked. So cute and neat. I love going to pet stores that really care about the pets. The manager Janet has been working there for nine years. I loved the atmosphere and cute natural touches of the store.

I had a great time photographing their store and my friends dog even made some new fur friends.

Below are some photos around the Furever Pet store! Enjoy






Furever Pets is located at 1902 NE Broadway St in Portland,OR

Our Little Gracie Mae…

As much as I dislike writing these, I feel I must to not only let you know more about her but for me to let go. As you might of read two years ago we lost our beloved JJ(Border Collie.) Well here is another sad story.

On October 13, 2013 at 5:00 pm Gracie passed as she got hit by a vehicle speeding down our road and that just kept going.

I was taking photos of her, along with playing with Nikita in the front yard, when she saw a cat a crossed the street and decided to well… sprinted a crossed the street. Lets just say that she didn’t make it because of the guy driving a big vehicle speeding. If he had stopped at the non existing stop sign(but your suppose to stop) she could of made it.  I picked her up and brought her into the house and then it hit me that her head was crushed. At the time that I picked her up, my heart was going so fast. An hour later the Animal Control came and got her. I am hoping I see the vehicle that was part responsible for this to write down his plate to file a report.

Gracie lite up a room, was always happy, and loved to sprint(run) and give kisses. If we went out to public she thought everyone that was near us were there for her. She loved people. But most of all she loved her family. Gracie will never be replaced. She will always, always have a special place in my heart.

It is crazy know a puppy only 5 1/2 months old and only weighing 3.5 lbs can make such an impact in your life. How it can give you so much love and hope. Dogs are the heartbeats at our feet.

May you rest in peace our little Gracie girl. I am so sorry this happened to you. I will always love you. Thank You for letting me photograph you last few minutes. You went all to soon. Love you little turd.! I sure am going to miss coming home to you and your loving kisses and cuddling and sleeping with you at night.

Gracie Mae ~5/1/13-10/13/13~

Here are some photos of Gracie that I took less then 20 minutes before she was gone. The last one posted was the last photo of Gracie. Please love your dogs, animals.


gracie 10-13-13


Here was the last photo of miss Gracie Mae. Thank You for all your thoughts. Our house lost one happy dog. We were planning on getting another sister for her in the next few weeks, but we might be getting a puppy today. To fill that love that we all miss coming home to. Gracie you can never be replaced.


To dog owners: Please message me if you have a sick or old dog that doesnt have very much longer. This is why I photograph animals, because they arent with us very long.

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