Fences For Fido: Nikita’s Build

So if you have been following my Facebook, you might of known about Nikita getting a fence. Fences For Fido is a non-profit organization built of all volunteers that build fences for dogs that are chain. Recently the tethering law went into effect. Within five years they have unchained more than 700 dogs.(Holy Moly)

Anyways… back to Nikita. She is a escape artist and a 6 ft jumper. Our fence she just fly’s over. I asked Melinda of FFF to see if we can get a fence built. Today that happened. 15-20 people showed up to build a fence for miss Nikita so she can be unchained.  After she was off her chain her true colors came out and she was bouncing around the yard. The first thing she did besides sniffing the ground was to try and get out… but she didn’t. Here are the photos from today…There are a few of Bella and Snickers that I happened to take photos of as well. Enjoy.

Also if you are in northern Oregon and you know or have a dog that is on a chain with no fence I highly recommend you to go to http://www.fencesforfido.org to apply to get a fence. Let these dogs free. Thanks to Fences For Fido team for this beautiful day.


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