RIP “Grumps” My Grandpa

Today we lost my grandfather. A father to four, grandfather to 8 and great grandfather to one. He was a great man with a big heart and taught us all great things. He loved to be on his tractor and teaching his border collies to get the sheep and cows. I am so thankful for being able to see him on the 29th of February. He didnt look so good, but with the couple of hours that we got, it was worth it. I took some last photos of him and the family.

I will always remember you and I am proud to call you my grandpa. Thank you for going to all of my choir concerts since 7th grade, and being there for my graduation. It meant alot to have you there supporting me. I will continue my education and become the artist i want to be for you. Thank You for the boxes of food that you have gotten me to help while i am in college. Thank You for teaching me things about training dogs, and how to use the tractor. Thanks for being a great grandpa and making me laugh.Image

I love you grandpa. May you rest in peace now. Fly high with the eagles, and while your on the tractor, make sure to say hi to my boy up there. Love you.

Sincerely your Granddaughter Chelsea.




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