Furry Faces | i heart faces challenge

This is Lady or Lady-Bug as we say. She is 13 years old inside, but man is she a puppy outside. She can “sing” (between a bark and whimper) and its soooo cute. She is so friendly and I couldn’t ask for a better dog.

I moved to Salem, OR from Grants Pass,OR for college at the Art Institute of Portland for Photography and Design. She was already here with my cousin. In October  we resuced her son Boss from my grandparents house in Selma,OR. My dog JJ(look for the JJ category for more info) passed in January 2011. Lady was his grandma and Boss is his Uncle.All Border Collies. Anyways just a little history.

Here is a photo of here singing or laughing, which ever one you suggest.! 🙂 She is just so cute.


iHeartFaces: Furry Faces Photo Challenge

Hope you enjoyed looking at my photo. http://www.facebook.com/1clrphoto for more photos of Lady and Boss!


3 thoughts on “Furry Faces | i heart faces challenge

  1. Awww what a beautiful old girl. My boy is 13 too & is still going strong even though cancer has finally gotten to him.

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