I Heart Faces~ Pet Week!

“Lady” is about 13 years old. Her Uncle is “Rex” off the movie “BABE” ( you know the ones with talking animals?!) LOL.

Anyways, she is the one who started it all. She is my dog “JJ” ‘s grandma. She’s the oldest one now out of  about 8

or so Border Collies that we had at one time. Now we only have 4 left. On the 4th of July, I went to Salem to watch the fireworks with my

cousin and family, and wanted to take some photos of Lady for them to have and love, so when that day comes, they will have a

beautiful photo of her. Lady is such a sweet dog. She knows how to sing ( like a mini bark.) when you have food in your hand she looks

like a puppy still. Dogs bring such love to our lives! She’s definitely a wonderful, beautiful, and loving dog.

 This photo shows just how happy she is, even at 13!

Go and check out the other photos that were entered! http://www.iheartfaces.com


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